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The mission of the Highlands Consulting Group is to support individuals at specific career and life transition points and to serve as a catalyst for change. We offer distinct services to meet your personal and organizational needs.

Career Development
   •   The Highlands Potential Indicator (THP
   •   How Do You Measure Innate Strengths?
   •   Who Needs Ability Testing?
   •   Why Ability Testing?
   •   Why Personality Testing?
   •   Ability & Personality Testing Process

Leader Development for your organization
   •   Executive Development
   •   Succession Planning
   •   Talent Assessment
   •   Emerging Leader Development

Strategic Coaching - IT WORKS!
   •   Competencies Addressed
   •   The Benefits of External Coaching

The Highlands Potential Indicator (THP
i™) is a process designed to help individuals gain focus and direction at key life transition points.  Upon completion, participants are able to articulate their strengths, integrate them with other key influences, develop a personal vision and then frame this new direction for practical action.

Highlands Ability Battery™
The Highlands Ability Battery is a state of the art assessment tool that objectively measures your innate abilities.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
Personality is a significant factor in career decision-making. For example, ability testing may indicate a career in engineering, but the personality testing could indicate the need to serve people. It is crucial that both abilities and personal style be the foundation of a career development strategy. The expanded version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is included in the 4-hour testing process. The results are integrated into the client report. During the two-hour feedback, specific career fields and roles within those fields are suggested.
Leslie H. Martin