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The mission of the Highlands Consulting Group is to support individuals at specific career and life transition points and to serve as a catalyst for change.  We offer distinct services to meet your personal and organizational needs.

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Custom Programs

Our greatest asset is a team of consultants who bring a wealth of different backgrounds and experience to their work at Highlands.  We welcome the opportunity to meet and explore with you the needs of your organization.  Together we will develop a customized approach specifically designed to address these needs.


Strategic Coaching

Personal strategic coaching is a powerful, collaborative relationship between a coach and a willing individual which enables, through a process of discovery, goal setting and strategic actions, the realization of extraordinary results.  Coaching is also a body of knowledge, a technology, and a style of relating that focuses on the development of human potential. Coaching is interdevelopmental in that the collaboration develops both the coach and the individual being coached.


Career Development

Who Needs Ability Testing?


  • Mid-life adults determining long-term career direction   
  • Graduates deciding on a career     
  • People who have left their jobs     
  • High school students choosing a college     
  • College students choosing a major     
  • Women re-entering the workforce     
  • Early retirees     
  • Empty nesters

...or anyone seeking a sense of personal fulfillment in what they do.

Why Ability Testing?


  • Ability testing is the fastest, most efficient way to discover your natural abilities.     
  • Everyone has natural abilities.     
  • Certain jobs use specific aptitudes.     
  • Some jobs require low scores in certain aptitudes.     
  • Experience and education do not identify natural ability.

Why Personality Testing?


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®  

Personality is a significant factor in career decision-making.  For example, ability testing may indicate a career in engineering, but the personality testing could indicate the need to serve people. It is crucial that both abilities and personal style be the foundation of a career development strategy. The expanded version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is included in the 4-hour testing process. The results are integrated into the client report. During the two-hour feedback, specific career fields and roles within those fields are suggested.

The Highlands Ability Battery

Leslie Martin is a CERTIFIED AFFILIATE for the Highlands Ability Battery. 

Career Development

Ability & Personality Testing Process


  • Testing is done in the comfort of your home or office on your computer.     
  • Testing is available on site, upon request.     
  • When you are finished, we pick up the information and prepare a personalized 45+ page report  that links your personal profile to career fields and roles within those fields for which you are ideally suited.     
  • Included is a one-on-one, 2-hour feedback conference - available by phone or in person.

Follow-Up Career Coaching


Career coaching is available and recommended. The Highlands Potential Indicator (THPi™) is the foundational first step in developing a career strategy.  Research has shown that successful career choices should incorporate more subjective information about a person. Values, interests, motivations, vision and goals, and family influences all have a direct bearing on career choices.

Career Coaching provides:


  • A structured process to explore these factors    
  • A professional who focuses on your success 
  • Someone to hold you accountable to ensure follow-through

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What We Do

Personal Career Development

For people in career transition  

The Highlands Potential Indicator (THPi™) is a process designed to help individuals gain focus and direction at key life transition points.  Upon completion, participants are able to articulate their strengths, integrate them with other key influences, develop a personal vision, and then frame this new direction for practical action.  

Who is in Career Transition

  • High school students determining post-secondary direction
  • College students developing a post-collegiate action plan for further study, career preparation, or job  search     
  • Mid-career individuals seeking a better career fit
  • Women reentering the workforce 
  • Early retirees transitioning    
  • Empty nesters
  • Anyone seeking a sense of personal fulfillment in what they do  

The Leadership Awakening Experience™ 

For senior managers and emerging leaders in your organization

There is a critical and strategic need for improved leadership in today's organization.  The role of the manager is changing dramatically.  Teamwork is the new organizational model.  Spans of control have widened.  The bottom-line managers must coach rather than direct, support rather than control.  The Leadership Awakening Experience™ jump starts this process.  

Leadership Assessment A two-day leadership program for mid to senior-level managers   

Leadership Assessment is a two day intensive course designed for the mid-level manager seeking leadership roles.  

The transition from managing people to leading and setting a direction is difficult to navigate for the employee and critical to organizational success.  Some employees move into senior leader roles easily, while others struggle. Leadership Assessment was designed to increase the effectiveness of this strategically important group of employees.  

Leadership Alignment A one-day leadership program for frontline managers   

Leadership Alignment is a one day intensive course designed for the frontline manager.  

The transition from managing work to managing people is difficult to navigate for the employee and critical to organizational success. Some employees move into broader managerial roles easily, while others struggle. Leadership Alignment was designed to increase the effectiveness of this strategically important group of employees.

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Highlands: The Right Choice-Matching Your Abilities  with College and Career  

Leslie Martin & Kathy Danelo  

A practical step-by-step guide for high school  students as they think through their futur

  • Where to go after high school
  • What career to pursue
  • Where to study

Great Leadership  What It Is and What It Takes in a Complex World 

Anthony Bell


Highlands Consulting Group  

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