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FAQ'S : Individual Clients

Q: How do your services differ from those offered on The Highlands Company web site?  

A:  In addition to taking The Highlands Ability Battery™, you will also take other assessments including the Expanded Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) which provides an in-depth review of your personality type.  All of your assessment results are used when The Highlands Potential Indicator (THPi™) is prepared for you. This report and your assessment results are discussed with you in a 2-hour feedback session.  You will be given a copy of your report and, upon request, an audio-taped copy of your feedback session.   

Q: How do your services differ from other Highlands Company licensees?  

A:  Many other Highlands Company affiliates offer The Highlands Ability Battery™ as part of their psychological practice.  We differ from them in that we include the Expanded MBTI® as an integral part of your report to make recommendations based on both your natural abilities and your personality type.   

Q: How do I schedule my assessments?  

A:  The Highlands Ability Battery™ and the MBTI® are available to you online through the internet.  You can take them at your convenience, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  When you are ready to register with us, we will provide, in an email sent to you, all of the information needed to register and complete the assessments. It is then up to you to take the assessments at your convenience.   

Q: What if I'm not able to take the assessments over the internet?  

A:  We can arrange for you to take the assessments in an office located in the Northern Virginia area.  We will have our trained professional meet with you and facilitate the assessments using the paper-version of both The Highlands Ability Battery™ and the MBTI®.   

Q: How long does it take to complete the online version of the assessments?  

A:  The Highlands Ability Battery™ takes approximately 3 hours and the MBTI® takes approximately 30 minutes. If you are unable to complete either assessment in one sitting, you are given the opportunity to return to the web site and complete the assessment at a later time.   

Q: When is my feedback session scheduled?  

A:  As soon as you have completed the assessments, we will prepare your report. Once it is prepared, we will contact you to schedule your feedback session.  This usually takes no more than 1-2 weeks depending on your availability. Our goal is to meet the clients' needs in providing our services.   

Q: With whom and where do I meet for my feedback session?   

A:  The feedback sessions are conducted by phone, Skype, or in person, if it is required.    

Q: Do you provide ongoing counseling or coaching after the initial feedback session?   

A:  Following the feedback session, on-coaching is available and recommended. A coach is able to support the client by providing the structure and accountability to follow-through with their plan of action.    

Q: Are you associated with job placement organizations or head-hunters?  

A:  No


Q: I am very busy. How long will this take?   

A:  We have developed a user-friendly process that fits in beautifully with most busy schedules. All the assessments are taken online at your convenience.You are not required to complete all the assessments at one time.  If you choose to do them all at once, it takes approximately 3 ½ hours.  

Q: Who will get my assessment results and how will the results be used?   

A:  The results belong to you and the information is kept confidential.  Your feedback coach will advise you how to share this information with your boss or whoever is your corporate sponsor.  

Q: I am not changing careers. How will this help me?   

A:  The report is customized to your situation and specifically identifies strengths and areas of challenge in the specific areas of leadership effectiveness, problem-solving and decision-making, emotional quotient, reasoning abilities, teamwork, and your current role at work.  

Q: Who are your typical corporate clients?   

A:  Young emerging leaders, managers moving into broader spans of control, and senior executives.  

Q: What happens after the feedback conference?   

A:  On-going coaching is highly recommended.  During the feedback conference, areas for development are brought to light.  The client is then able to generate an action plan that is targeted and realistic based on objective data that was derived from the assessments.