Meet Leslie


Leslie H. Martin

Since 1991, Leslie has been President of the Highlands Consulting Group, Inc., a career and leadership development company. She is recognized as an expert in career development using state of the art assessments that measure work-related strengths to maximize effectiveness. She is credentialed in the analysis of the Highlands Ability Battery™, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and 360 Degree Feedback. She also developed The Leadership Potential Indicator for use with senior executives.  She consults widely in both the public and private sectors, for non-profit organizations, schools and churches. She is the co-author of Highlands: The Right Choice-Matching Your Abilities With College and Career, a complete guide for students and their families as they determine their future direction. 


Leslie is a popular speaker and a professional certifiied coach (PCC) certified through Corporate Coach University. She assists leaders in accomplishing their personal and professional goals through the three phases of self-development: awareness and ownership of their strengths and areas of challenge; learning to leverage these strengths for increased effectiveness as well as to marginalize the affect of their challenge areas; and developing and accomplishing their plan of action. Her clients represent a wide range of organizations: trade associations, construction and engineering firms, international businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.  

Leslie has been on several pioneering teams in the area of leadership excellence. She was on the founding team of The Leadership Institute, a corporate leadership learning experience in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She is co-founder of The Leadership Awakening Experience™, a leadership development curriculum for senior leaders. She is also adjunct faculty to The Federal Executive Institute, graduate school for the Senior Executive Service in Chancellorsville, Virginia.

Meet Matt


Matt Martin

Matt Martin - President of NM Coaching & Consulting has focused on assisting leaders in achieving exceptional performance results both professionally and personally since 1985.  He has done so through coaching, consulting, and counseling high-capacity leaders in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  

Matt specializes in developing and strengthening leaders in the areas of organizational leadership and people leadership.  His clients span a wide variety of industries and organizations from construction, financial services, IT, scientific-engineering, journalism and restaurants to think tanks and trade associations, to name a few. For over twenty years, he has worked with both young entrepreneurial leaders of all ages in small to large companies.  In 1990, he co-authored The Halftime-Journey, a life and career transition curriculum designed for leaders who are seeking to pursue significance as well as success in the second half of life.  Helping leaders develop and clarify a sense of personal mission that leads to a legacy of greater fulfillment and contribution is a personal passion of Matt's.  

Matt is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained a BA in Political Science in 1969. After serving four years as a Naval Supply Officer, he spent six years coaching and developing military leaders in Europe. Upon returning to the states in 1980, he completed his master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has certifications as an executive coach as well as training as a counselor.

Meet Antony


Antony (Tony) Bell

Antony (Tony) Bell is a senior consultant and CEO & President of LeaderDevelopment, Inc, where his focus is on helping leaders build and strengthen the leadership capacity of their organizations. 

Tony is committed to helping organizational leaders assess their strategic management practices and develop leadership strategies that enable management teams to accomplish their purpose and goals. He specializes in coaching executive teams in developing management leadership skills through a hands-on mentoring environment.  

Tony speaks internationally on issues of leadership development, corporate reorganization, corporate culture renewal, coaching, and leadership change. He designs and delivers courses on leadership development and corporate reorganization, and he serves as an adjunct faculty member for the Daniel School of Management at the University of South Carolina. He writes frequently on issues of leader and organization development. His recent book, Great Leadership - What It Is and What It Takes in a Complex World (Davies-Black Publishing, 2006) is a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of leadership excellence and  The Clock Tower (The Gordian Publishing Company).  

Tony started his career in systems engineering, moving into production management as a production manager for a major UK supplier to Marks and Spencer. After completing his masters, he became sales manager for a Swiss industrial equipment distributor, and then opened and expanded the French division of a Dutch brokerage company. 

With a leadership background in production, sales, and start-up, he worked with a leader development organization in the nonprofit sector, becoming the assistant director of its French division. As part of their leadership development training, he designed and conducted numerous seminars and workshops on leadership development. He subsequently developed his own practice that led to engagements with clients such as Continental Grain, Hamilton Telecommunications, Fairfax Anesthesiology Associates, British Telecom, NCR, Nike South Africa, Shindaiwa USA, HC Stark, Duracell, Momentum Health, Voltex, and Carbbits.  

Tony earned his Bachelors in business and economics from Loughborough University of Technology, a top-ranked British business and engineering school, and his Masters in European Community law and business institutions from the Institute of Higher European Studies at the University of Strasbourg in France.